In collaboration with the Insurance Information Institute and its Resilience Accelerator Initiative, we have launched the Resilience Innovation Hub to connect the common goals of national and global insurance, reinsurance and related interests to address critical gaps in risk mitigation through aligning with entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators and investors.



Resilience = Pre-Disaster Risk Mitigation Across Automotive, Commercial, Property, Communities and Government

Persistent natural - and in certain cases man-made - disasters have introduced economic, financial, operational, and similar challenges for life-lines across the U.S. No region nor industry sector is immune to drought, flood, storm, spills, fires, earthquakes - and of course more recently health-related pandemics. As each threat and incident occurs, government and business alike face costly recovery and rebuild of their assets, facilities, infrastructure, and the lives of their citizens and employees. 

The work of the Resilience Innovation Hub - its affiliated partners and members - serves to strengthen our institutions and communities through more efficient and effective pathways to relevant ideas, practical solutions, proven technical and engineered products, and a wide range of data and intelligence to reduce future risks. 


By combining the capabilities and mutual objectives for accelerating scientific, technical, engineered, and market-ready solutions for reducing loss of life, property, operations, and community, we have come together to launch the national network of incubators, accelerators, resources, and investment for mitigating natural and man-made risks. 

Serving members' critical needs for best-in-class research, data, and insight by addressing national and local risk challenges

Bridging public and private sector interests of technology, expertise, and capital through investment advisory 

Unlocking access and removing barriers to innovation for early- and growth-stage technologies, entrepreneurs, and inventors. 

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Business Meeting
On-boarding Technologies and Integrated Solutions

We have established a proven process for assisting early- and growth-stage companies through myriad pathways to develop, demonstrate, and deploy their products, services, and integrated solutions. Based on the criteria driven by our insurance and non-insurance "communities of practice," we onboard next-generation and relevant firms into our "portfolio" for strategic partnerships, investment, and market use. 

On-boarding Investors, Procurement Decision-Makers

As the insurance and reinsurance sector advances alternative products, policies, and financing for pre-disaster risk mitigation often called "Insuratech," our objective is to hasten the process for identifying, vetting, and presenting THE most beneficial opportunities for the Resilience Accelerator Initiative of the Insurance Information Institute and non-insurance private equity, public finance, family offices, venture capital, and corporate venture interests. In turn, we seek to support federal, state, and local government procurement decision-makers that seek similar technologies for enhancing citizen and community resilience. 



We focus on three programmatic objectives: accelerate connections, introduce best-in-class solutions, assure those technologies and solutions achieve their market goals AND returns-on-investment. 

Two-day ideation, fast-paced discovery addressing resilience technical, economic, societal hurdles

Connecting technologies, equipment and expertise to real-world challenges

Hosting pitch sessions from those with needs and those with solutions

Holding confidential mentoring sessions





Our Events: we host monthly virtual - and we hope soon in-person - gatherings and will post information for registration in advance vis-a-vis Eventbrite. To join these invitation-only events, please send us a note. 


To learn about our programs, opportunities and specific scenarios for supporting your goals, please send us a message or call. 

All activities are currently conducted remotely or

with limited scheduled in-person meetings based on federal, state and local COVID-19 regulations.

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Additional information and followup can be made vis-a-vis representatives of our founding organizations: 


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